Manmade: Imogene + Willie

Denim jeans: the icon of American style. They proliferate our daily wear and have become so popular they’ve shifted from simply casual to appropriate for formal wear. Jeans: we just cannot get enough of you. But where they’re made and with what material has become an important question. That’s where the well-crafted, American-made jeans come on the scene.

Interestingly, the etymology of denim and jeans derive from different origins. Jean material was more of a corduroy texture that originated in Genoa, Italy, while denim material came from Nimes, France. The word denim grew from “de Nimes,” meaning “of Nimes.” It wasn’t until Levi Strauss & Co. of San Fransisco began using denim material for the work jeans he manufactured that the two words became synonymous.

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I live in jeans – and I bet you do too – and I’m constantly on the search for jeans that fit well. Somehow those H&M/Forever 21 jeans just don’t cut it for my figure. When I found myself traveling through Nashville, TN with my Mom, heading for Denver, CO, I was fortunate to stumble upon Imogene + Willie.

Matt and Carrie of Imogene + Willie courtesy of Warby Parker's Class Trip photos

Matt and Carrie of Imogene + Willie courtesy of Warby Parker’s Class Trip photos

Their American-made denim jeans are beautifully sewn with extreme care. The entire staff has an impressive eye for denim and they fit you personally to make sure your jeans fit correctly. This may seem counter to our “clean” culture, but these jeans aren’t supposed to be washed often. In fact, they advise you not to wash them for the first 6 months to a year.


via Warby Parker Class Trip


via Warby Parker Class Trip

The store is split between workshop and showroom. Some of their jeans are still made in this space, but they also tailor all jeans bought in the store so they fit you perfectly. It’s pretty neat. Plus, a motorcycle in the midst of their clothing display? It makes me want to hit the road for adventure.




These are of the jeans I own. They. are. amazing.

I was getting pretty excited wandering about the small store, listening to the whir of the sewing machines nearby. So many jeans, so little time! Seeing my excitement for these unique jeans, my dear mom bought me a pair. Honestly, I’ve never felt more confident in an article of clothing. I. can’t. take. them. off!

If you happen to be in or around Nashville stop in and take a peak around. Their store is incredibly well curated and it makes you want to hang around for the afternoon taking in the local Nashville scene.

If you want to know even more about this impressive couple, there is a wonderfully informative interview by Lizzy Garret via her blog Tomboy Style.

I also can’t get enough of these jeans (Levi’s) and I love that they’re doing some throwbacks to their original designs. Check it!


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