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You know those Saturdays when you used to wander up into your attic and get lost in all of the stuff stored up there? Moving aside old lamps, trying on your mom’s vintage shirts (ultimately deciding, yes, it’s okay to wear these out…), and playing around with the old typewriter that had gathered years of dust in the corner. If you’re really lucky—in my view—you may return to the real life of downstairs with your parents old hiking backpack, the canvas one that never wears thin. Those are the backpacks that Kletterwerks has begun to resurrect and remake.

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Kletterwerks began with humble beginnings when Dana Gleason made is first packs just before his move to Bozeman, Montana. The company developed and built a following in Bozeman and in 1978 Gleason sold his share of the company. He went on to create several more companies selling outdoor gear and Kletterwerks as a company all but disappeared until Gleason’s son, also in the family business breathed new life into the idea and began making Kletterwerks Packs once again.

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Kletterwerks is German—kletter means climbing and werks means plant. The packs are made with solid materials meant to last, which means a lot in an era where the quality of products is seriously lacking. They also have a lifetime warranty to back up their affirmations about product quality. Take some time and look around their site. It’s worth it.


PS I read about his company on this blog: it’s a pretty cool resource too!


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