ManMade | The Things We Cook

My dear friend Alli Howe has accomplished something wonderful. She has illustrated a cookbook. I have always been an admirer of her work because of the free-feeling style she has. Her art is organic, yet precise and it is incredibly inviting. Most of her pieces kind of make you want to jump inside. She inspires me to be creative. And so, here is the culmination of many months of work and love.


The cookbook is called The Things We Cook. It is full of recipes from a beautiful farm in New Hampshire called Green Hope Farm. The recipes are a collection of dishes from Molly Sheehan as well as her family and farm staff. This book is lovely to look at and you could spend many hours browsing each page. However, it is also a book that you would use daily. The recipes are approachable, yet full of flavor. These are the type of dishes you keep coming back to time and time again, eventually becoming family favorites. They’re the recipes you whip up while laughing and chatting with friends seated around your kitchen counter. This book is the perfect gift for friends and family or just for yourself. Take a look inside and then head straight to Amazon to purchase a copy.












The book is worth every cent and you need it on your bookshelf. Right. Away.

Purchase it here.

That’s all for now. Happy Tuesday!


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