Vibrations | Lucius

There is a band called Lucius. It’s a five piece band. The are two main singers. They’re both women and they have killer voices.

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Jesse Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius fill most of the sound on each track, but of course their band wouldn’t be, if it weren’t for their other three, Andrew Burri, Peter Lalish, and Dan Molad. The two girls’ voices are fully synchronized, so much so that sometimes you can’t even tell there are two voices. To add to that character, or as they say “dress the sound” they dress identically for all concerts as well. Their sound recalls a few different decades of music, both the 60s and 80s. However, it is also uniquely modern and poppy, and almost ethereal. Whatever the genre, their music is more than enjoyable to listen to.

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While they have been playing music together for about a decade, since their time at Berklee College of Music, they only just released a full-length album called Wildewomen. One song after the next is engaging and enthralling. You won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, here is the link to their Tiny Desk Series with NPR.

Here’s to some Monday Vibrations! Cheers.


Vibrations | Melaena Cadiz

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This woman. This.woman. Her strong sound is captivating, but even. It’s beautiful, but with a slight roughness beneath. Her lyrics are worldly, making it seem like she’s seen a lot and experienced a lot. Melaena Cadiz is Brooklyn based and as far as I can see she’s currently sticking with gigs on that side of the plains. But with any luck she’ll head this way for a tour. All in all, completely worth a listen. She’s doing great things for women musicians out there.

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Some suggested listening:

Neon Drag

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Vibrations|Lily & Madeleine

It’s a dreary Colorado morning. The wind is throwing rain against the pains and a thunderstorm is rolling through. It has me calling for some tunes to lift me up.

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My next installment of Vibrations brings me to another sister act, Lily & Madeleine. The harmony that these two women create is incredibly beautiful. Their voices drift seamlessly together, producing gorgeous notes. Their debut song In the Middle hit YouTube with a bang, generating a quarter of a million hits. Pretty impressive for two teenage girls.

Their first full album will be released on October 29th, and judging from their first several songs, it will be a good one. Give this song a listen!